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The company

Fineweld Ltd. specializes in investment project industrial piping installations. Our main customers operate within the mining, forestry and chemical industries, as well as the process industry. The company's turnover in 2013 was 32 million euros. The company has circa 100 employees.

History of the company

Matti Laitinen, the owner of the Fineweld Group, founded his own welding company in 1988. In 1996 the company form was changed to limited company, and the name Fineweld Ltd. was taken into use. In the beginning, Fineweld functioned as a maintenance company for the large-scale industry, but quickly grew into a considerable business within the piping industry. In the 21st century Fineweld directed their operations towards the mining industry in the Northern parts of Scandinavia. Since then the turnover and staff numbers have steadily increased, and in 15 years the one man company has grown into a successful and global business that employs over a hundred people.
In 2008, Fineweld was chosen as the regional entrepreneur of the year, and in November 2011 Fineweld was rated regional number one on the Kauppalehti most successful company rating.  Fineweld was also a finalist when OP-Pohjola and Kauppalehti chose Business of the year and Business Leader of the year amongst the most successful companies.

A joint effort and a good spirit guarantee a top-quality end result

Fineweld is a safe and pleasant work place that supports the well-being of the staff, and this translates in a better efficiency and productivity. For us it is important that every single employee is content with their work place, as a good internal spirit always has a positive effect on the end result. Fineweld's long-term employee relations are proof of our employees' satisfaction and commitment to the company.