Leading Nordic supplier for

Large scale process industry investment projects

We specialise in serving big investors within the process industry, such as battery, chemical, pulp and mining industries.


A typical size of investment where Fineweld participates is usually from a few hundred million euros up to a billion euro projects.


We focus on large deliveries. A typical size of Fineweld’s supply ranges from 10 M€ to 50 M€.


We focus to deliver 1-4 projects per year, to serve our clients best possible way.


On many occasions, Fineweld has been chosen as one of the most successful companies in Finland.

Project management

Chaos Simplified

Large investment projects are extremely complex and usually very challenging to manage. Fineweld has created its own project management model where large projects are divided in manageable entities. Instead of managing tens of thousands of units on site, the project is divided into a manageable number of entities to help time scheduling, manufacturing control, installation control and cost control.

We think differently

Fineweld has reshaped the traditional plant construction with its semi-modular plant construction concept.

Piping, steel structures, process equipment, instrumentation, and electrification are packed to modular entities that can effectively be manufactured at workshop and installed in a short time frame. This saves both time and money. Where applicable, a more traditional installation concept is applied.

When done properly, site installation works can be performed with up to 50% less workforce.


Experience is the
secret behind success

The single most important factor in Fineweld´s success is the right mix of people with the right experience. Other cornerstones of Fineweld's success are our own effective project management system, workshop and straightforward manufacturing and installation processes.

At Fineweld, you will always meet people who want to execute their tasks in the best possible way.


The Fineweld workshop’s location close to the maritime, road and rail transport connections ensures effective delivery of large contracts.


Our customers

Throughout our operating history, our normal customer is a large stock listed or family-owned international company. Clients are from chemical industry, battery chemical producers, pulp and paper, metal producers and mining industry.

Biggest customers include companies such as:
Northvolt, LKAB, Metsä Group, Terrafame, Stora Enso, Boliden, Yara, SCA, First Quantum Minerals and Billerud Korsnäs.

More detailed references with videos can be found in our Customer Zone.

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We make projects effortless for our customers

The common denominator of our customers is that production is their core business. Large investments for new capacity are endeavours that are not undertaken every year.

We only do large-scale investment projects and can help our clients with our experience and tools that we develop further on a daily basis.

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Battery industry


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Pipe bridges
Modular Pipe Bridges

Modular Pipe Bridges

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Our story

Ever since its foundation in 1988, Fineweld has served the investing process industry. Since the beginning of the 21st century, Fineweld´s focus has been on large investment projects in the Nordic countries.


Tmi Hitsausapu Matti Laitinen was founded


Name on the company changed to Fineweld Oy


Smaller maintenance projects at Kokkola industrial area personnel 30-50


First Larger local Investment project at Kemira Fine Chemicals with more than 50 people in the project


First +10 M€ project to UPM in Pietarsaari


+20 M€ delivery to LKAB. Sweden. First major export project.


Swedish subsidiary Fineweld Sverige AB is founded


+60 M€ turnover from four large investment projects


Largest contract in company history to Northvolt’s battery chemical plant in Sweden



Fineweld Oy appointed new CEO

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Fineweld to deliver pipe bridges to the Kemi bioproduct Mill

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Fineweld chosen as a key supplier for Northvolt’s battery factory project

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Fineweld Oy appointed new CEO

Mr Sundqvist’s is Engineer (BSc) in both Industrial Engineering and Operating Technology. Prior to his appointed as CEO, Mr Sundqvist worked more than a decade as Project Manager at Fineweld Oy. His prior responsibilities have included, e.g., the company’s largest ever deliveries to Northvolt’s battery material factory to Skellefteå, Sweden.

Fineweld’s prior CEO, entrepreneur and founder Matti Laitinen, will continue as Chairman of the Board of Directors of the parent company FW Capital Oy and CEO of the Group.

”Now is a good time to give project expertise a stronger position in the company management, and this solution will further strengthen Fineweld as one of the leading specialist companies for project deliveries in the Nordic countries”, says entrepreneur Matti Laitinen.

Fineweld Oy is one of the leading Nordic project delivery specialists, focusing on large supplies for the process industry such as the battery material, chemical, forestry, metal, and mining industries.

Additional information will be issued by:

FW Capital Oy, Group CEO Matti Laitinen, Tel. +358 40 086 0914+358 40 086 0914 (fin) and
Fineweld Oy, CEO Daniel Sundqvist, Tel. +358 40 823 5163+358 40 823 5163 (fin, eng, sve)

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Fineweld to deliver pipe bridges to the Kemi bioproduct Mill

The modular pipe bridge concept designed and developed by Fineweld has awaken great interest in particular with major forestry sector companies for their billion-euro level investment projects. Entrepreneur and founder of Fineweld, Matti Laitinen, comments the procurement as follows:

“This is already the third large pipe bridge project in the past five years where we have been selected as supplier. It feels great that after two of Sweden’s largest forestry industry projects, we also won this contract for Metsä Fibre/Group’s Kemi bioproduct mill that is by far the largest and most interesting project in Finland for the moment. This proves that when you have guts to do things in a slightly different way from your competitors and concentrate on demanding project deliveries, Finnish companies will continue to have the opportunity to participate in such mega-level projects”.

The project will start immediately, installations on site will commence at the beginning of next year, and the entire project shall be completed by mid-2023.

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Fineweld chosen as a key supplier for Northvolt’s battery factory project

Fineweld’s owner and CEO Matti Laitinen is extremely happy describing the biggest contract in Fineweld’s history.

“This is a unique opportunity for us to be a pioneer in building a completely new industry in European scale. This project is an excellent opportunity for us to show our proven skills in large industry projects and create a concept for building a series of similar process lines for coming investments in Skellefteå and possibly on other European locations. This project alone will take more than two years and it gives us a great possibility to lift our company to a new level.”

Project will be executed in alliance with ABB and Sweco. Sweco will take responsibility for engineering. ABB will deliver plant electrification, instrumentation and automation.

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